Stress, trauma, addiction, plateaus, and pain ~ Your struggles are real, but they are not who you are. You are behind the scenes, observing the pain and pleasure from a place within filled with knowledge and perspective. We believe your struggles don't happen to you, they happen for you to bring you closer to this innate part of who you really are. They show what you care about and what you really want in life that might not be working right now. We help you harness intrinsic motivation and skills like breathwork, somatic movement, and self-nourishment to create reliable patterns of well being. Our approach to disrupt, align and heal echoes in our work and life.

disrupt/ align/ heal

disrupt: Disruption is necessary for growth. Most of us live in rutted patterns that keep us comfortable but hold us back. Depending on where you are stagnant, to disrupt could mean mindset coaching, ice plunge/sauna rotations, sleep therapy, breath work or outdoor fitness. We use discomfort through supported risk as a powerful tool for self-reflection, self-regulation and to ignite your intrinsic motivation to participate in your own evolution.

align: Once we have your attention, we structure learning to align you with the power of your mind, body, and nature. In the body, principles of alignment empower balance, grounding, and strength. For the mind, we align the arrows of your thoughts and actions with a true aim toward your intentions. With nature-based skills like archery, wayfinding or river plunges, we re-align you with your true belonging as a sentient being on the planet.

heal: we don't see health as something we give you; it is yours to harness through your choice to participate. Many approaches offer programs and promises, gurus and diets and dogma. Here we trust that once you disrupt where you're stuck and align with practices that honor your innate wisdom, the conditions for healing make it inevitable. As we heal, we find new edges to disrupt, new levels of alignment with purpose and power, and new rings of growth to add to our tree of life experiences.