Intrinsic Breath

You begin life with an inhale, and the last act of your life is an exhale…

/breTH/ noun
: archaic
the power of breathing; life.
synonyms: life, life force

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the basics

Intrinsic Breath Basics is a modulated course that gives you the overview of how the breath affects your brain and body. In it you’ll learn the physiology, anatomy, and practices to help you begin a relationship with your breath that will change the way you operate day in and day out. It is offered on our calendar at various locations, click below to learn more. Contact us to host a workshop at your studio, gym or office.


for healing

Intrinsic Breath for Healing is the doorway to your nervous system. As you learn Intrinsic Breath for Healing, you gain a tool to both assess your current state and alter it from the inside out. The breath affects the whole body, and with training and support can offer deep transformation. Emily teaches breath with mobility, exposure and movement to support chronic pain management, acute stress, insomnia, digestion, depression and anxiety.

Warrior Games Breath Coaching

for performance

Intrinsic Breath for Performance is our training program for athletes. Breath is the leading-edge tool in sports performance, and we apply it with rigor to give our athletes the most current edge available to boost endurance, strength and speed. We apply breathwork to mimic altitude, improve CO2 tolerance and energy production, and to recovery with more resilience and less wear and tear on the body. Emily coaches Team SOCOM athletes and Brian works with individuals and rugby teams. We have coached elite and amateur athletes who cycle, power lift, cross fit, run, swim, play rugby and shoot archery and/or air rifle.