Intrinsic Mind

“What you water is what grows'“ - Kristi Ling


Contrast is good

Emily’s holistic health coaching degree helped her learn the basics of active listening and coaching. But her real coaching degree comes from surviving traumas throughout her life and learning how to use them as the perfect material for creating a better life experience. She follows Byron Katie’s thought work, Abraham-Hick’s Law of Attraction, and the mystery of whole systems to support clients in owning their thoughts as things that unfold into reality over time.


the doorway to meditation is through the body

If you’ve tried meditation you know it isn’t easy to clear the mind and be still. It’s a privilege in modern life to slow down. Learn how to focus the mind by organizing the body into comfortable stillness.

Camo Archery 2 J Mallouk-8375 (1).jpeg

breathe aim fire

Archery is an ancient weapon that by it’s nature makes us focus our minds on a target. To hit that target, we need to breathe into the body, be present and relaxed, and aim true. Once we fire the arrow, we have to learn how to let go of the outcome. If we peek to early the arrow’s flight is altered. My archery mentor comes out a few times a year to co-lead CAMO (Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities) to give wounded veterans access to this ancient tool for becoming grounded,focused and whole.