Intrinsic Movement

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.
-  Carol Welch


start where you are

We believe it’s your ability to move with awareness and respect for where you are that helps you grow new capacities in life. Emily has been a pioneer in adaptive yoga working with physical and cognitive challenges since 2003. She and Brian also both work with athletes of all levels. Whatever your goals and needs, we meet you where you are to move intelligently forward with a custom plan that might include everything from outdoor fitness adventures, yoga,


be willing to be uncomfortable

Stress is a natural part of strength and resilience. If you want to become more connected, powerful, centered, and strong from the inside out, we believe you need to take leaps of faith into places that are new or uncomfortable. We use this philosophy in all of our training, including our exposure therapy which helps us create external stress in a healthy, safe environment.


stay with it

Anyone can start a new program, but intrinsic motivation is needed to stay with it. We help you break the chain of repeating unwanted habits by tapping you into your deeper, intrinsic ‘why’. We give you tools to listen to your body’s cues to make healthy decisions about recovery or up-leveling your program, supporting your long-term goals over your short term gains.