regeneration and sleep

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”
~ Thomas Dekker


recovery isn’t a luxury

It’s a necessity. We are designed for short bursts or sympathetic, or fight/flight states in the nervous system and meant to spend 80% of our time in parasympathetic, or rest/digest/breed/feed states of adaptation and regeneration. If you plateau in athletics or feel yourself craving sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or other fillers, you might be in sympathetic nervous system dominance and will crash hard and lose gains over time.


Yoga Nidra isn’t woo woo

The brain goes into several states throughout your day and during a good night’s sleep. Yoga Nidra, translated from Sanskrit as “Divine Sleep” puts you in a state of rest where you are blending both Alpha and Theta brain waves. This state leaves you semi-conscious in a realm where you detach from your story of who you are, and can reset your nervous system in a deep and lasting way. Nidra gives you energy and calm.


sleep is more about your day than your night

We help Fire Fighters, Active Duty Military and Wounded Veterans learn how to change simple behaviors during the day that impact their night’s rest. There is a strong correlation between lack of sleep and mental health problems. Our sleep assessment can help you determine if you could benefit from some basic changes in your day to help you drop into therapeutic rest at night.